We have a great team of Early Childhood educators (and parents) with the advice and resources you can trust. Our team:

Kathryn Moore

Kathryn Moore, Parent Educator
Kathryn first became involved with the Hopkins Schools as a parent in the early childhood programs in 1990. She participated with all three of her sons, who are currently students or graduates of Hopkins Public Schools.

In 2001 she received her Masters degree and Parent Education licensure from the U of M and began working with Hopkins Public Schools as a parent educator. Her passion for children and families grew into an expanded role of providing outreach to families in the Hopkins community.

“We all need a village that supports us,” Kathryn says, “and I am grateful to be a part of the support in a village/district that cares so much.”


Karen TadewaldKaren Tadewald, Preschools Supervisor
As program supervisor for Kaleidoscope Preschool and Stepping Stones Early Childhood programs, Karen believes in the importance of making learning meaningful and engaging to children. This interest led the programs to incorporating inspirations from the Reggio Emilia approach and natural outdoor playscapes into their sites.

A parent of two Hopkins alumni, she has experienced and appreciates the richness of the Hopkins Public Schools and community. As time allows, Karen loves to travel, spend time with her family, and has a reserve list in the double digits for books and dvds at the library at all times.

normaNorma Anderson, Parent Educator
In education sine 1972, Norma has been an ECFE Parent Educator since 1992. She is a parent educator for parents of 1-2 year olds, and facilitates the Collaborative class with Special Education and ECFE. She has her degree in Parent Education and Consumer Sciences from Mankato State University.

“It is very humbling and gratifying for me to be part of the process in helping adults become the best parents they can be,” she said. “I’ve been blessed to be a part of so many lives.” Norma has one daughter, Arika, married to Erik, and is grandmother to Max and Maddie. She enjoys reading, knitting and sewing.

KathieDomanenKathie Dormanen, Parent Educator
Kathie started her teaching career in the Anoka Hennepin School District teaching mathematics and physical education. After her first child was born, she went back to school to get her Parent Education license. Her first ECFE position was in the Osseo district. She has been in her current role for Hopkins ECFE since 1997.

“I love watching the little ones grow and develop from infancy through the toddler years,” Kathie said, “What a joy to be part of that journey with parents and their children.” In her spare time she loves to travel, work-out, and cook. In fact, Kathie often works out while watching the food network! She and her husband have two college-aged children, Drew and Marcus.


SueSue Bergquist, Children’s Teacher
Sue has been a children’s teacher since 1992 at Harley Hopkins Family Center in the Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) program. She enjoys working with young children and their parents. Sue holds both an Early Childhood degree and an Elementary Education degree. She prides herself on providing an environment where children can explore, discover and have new experiences.

In her personal life, Sue enjoys spending time with her family visiting museums, taking a family bike ride, or just being together at home.


RaniRani Murdoch Zappa, Parent Educator
Rani came to Hopkins Early Childhood Family Education as a Parent Educator in 2007. She leads Parent Education classes and conducts one-to-one parenting visits. She chose this new career after she and her sons attended ECFE for four years. Rani believes that her experience in those early classes had a great impact on her parenting behavior and added a lot of fun to her life and the lives of her sons.

She uses her parenting experience and education to support families with practical guidance and humor. In addition to bringing her energy to Harley Hopkins Family Center, Rani keeps busy by creating an enjoyable and healthy environment for her family: her husband of 19 years and her 9 year-old (very fraternal) twin boys.


DeniseDenise Konen , Parent Educator
Denise discovered early on that when you do things with great love and passion you gain more than you give. Since 1981, she has been passionate about helping families strengthen their bond with their children.

Working with families from all walks of life and from all points on the globe, Denise has realized that we are more alike than different. She loves the experience of creating unity through caring family relationships.

Denise is a wife, parent of three, artist, singer, and adventurer. She brings her interests together in her work at Hopkins Schools and in her other pursuits as an art teacher and Parent Educator for Early Childhood Family Education programs.


JanineJanine Keller, ECFE and Kaleidoscope mom & community contributor
Janine Keller was raised around the world, but settled in Minnesota in the early ‘90’s. She’s been a Hopkins resident since 2003, where she and her husband raise their two young children, a daughter and a son.

She started ECFE at Harley Hopkins Family Center when her daughter was only 6 months, and is currently enrolled with her son. Her son also attends Kaleidoscope Preschool at Harley (her daughter is an alumna). Janine is a full-time mother these days; before children she was an HR Manager at Target Corporation. Janine is grateful for the friends she and her children have made through ECFE, and for the profoundly positive effect it’s had on her parenting.


candaceCandace Wood, Parent Educator
Candace has worked in Hopkins Early Childhood Family Education since 1997 and holds a B.A. in both Parent Education and Early Childhood Education. Candace first participated in ECFE with her two children and knows the life-changing difference it made in her own parenting.

She brings her compassion, creative spirit, and energy when teaching her Early Childhood Family Education classes. Candace finds great joy in building relationships with families and children as they learn and grow. When not working, Candace enjoys gardening, sailing, biking, swimming and spending time with her family and friends.

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