Pace Yourself

Family life often centers around the never-ending “to-do” list. As parents of young children, our minds and actions are dictated by the necessity of getting to work, getting the kids to their activities, getting the household chores completed, getting a minute to plan our day for tomorrow, and then getting to bed to do it all over again.

With the changing of the seasons, can we spend a moment planning our pace for the summer? What we have to do gets scheduled into our calendars, and the rest of what we hope to do tends to drop off. Find a way around this problem by planning in family time. We will surely schedule vacations and holidays or events. However, it is just as important to schedule in the family time that sets a simple pace: block out your calendar for an hour at the local park. Schedule in the afternoon of sitting in the backyard and reading books or just watching bugs. Pinpoint the days and times you allow yourself to slow your pace.

Young children value time in such a different way. They live in the present, they enjoy the now, and they rarely feel the weight of schedules and “have-to’s”. As adults we know that sort of living is limited – we don’t get a whole lot of time to live that way. Enjoy these few years when you have the greatest excuse in the world to slow your pace again, and enjoy the here and now with your family.

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