A Parent’s First Concern: Safety

Our babies and young children bring us delight and joy through every stage of development. They also bring a fair amount of worry with every new skill they gain and every new situation they find they can get themselves into!

We want our children to use their natural curiosity to explore and learn about the world around them; we also need to provide a safe environment so they can do their exploring. It can be very overwhelming to try to address the many unsafe conditions that a child might run into, especially since each new stage of growth allows your child to run into more unsafe situations!

Parents can be proactive by obtaining good information about safety products, safety strategies, and safety issues. One source to address many of the safety concerns parents have is the Baby Proofing and Kids Safety website provided by Expertise. This guide offers assessments of common practices and tips for keeping our kids safe. The many safety topics parents think about are clearly listed and easily accessible, and the information provided is practical and useful.

We can’t prevent every slip and fall, but we can do our best to use the most up-to-date information available to provide a safe environment for our young children. In this way, they have a feeling of freedom to explore and play, and we have a bit of piece of mind.

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