What About My Older Child?

The earliest years of childhood are a wonder for parents. Joy, exhaustion, questions, and a real desire to get parenting information that will help you develop your parenting around success for your child. As the author of this early childhood e-newsletter, it has been my true pleasure and honor to offer a resource for this sort of information.

If your children are growing older – I know my own daughter is already 11 years old – the parenting you are asked to do changes. It doesn’t get any easier, the questions just change. Are you ready for the next stage of parenting information? If your child is in upper elementary school or middle school the ParentConnect e-newsletter is now for you.

An opportunity to explore issues that spring up as your child moves into her tweens and teens. Topics that address the emotional, educational and relationship issues you are experiencing with your older child. The same concise reading with an opportunity to link to more in-depth information if interested.

As the author of ParentConnect, I warmly invite you to sign up for our e-newlsetter designed for parents of tweens and teens. Parenting information for your families next stage.  See you there!

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