ECFE is Having a Birthday!

The staff at Harley Hopkins Family Center have begun to see parents enroll in the program who had been children in the program years before!  What a joy to see multiple generations find value in the education and programming we provide!

Watching families grow is one of the privileges of being experienced. How experienced are we? We are celebrating our 40th birthday this year! Just as any 40 year old will tell you, this does not make us old – it makes us wiser and more sophisticated. We have been meeting the needs of parents in our community by adjusting to the changing needs of families throughout the decades. Our first and foremost goal has always been to provide parenting information and support to the families involved in our school community.

We have quality classes throughout the school day as we always have. We also have multiple evening classes for families who need to access our classes after work. We have incorporated e-newsletters and blogs so you can access trustworthy information at a time that is convenient for you. We have community events to encourage all families to gather together to celebrate childhood. We have one-time workshops because sometimes what you really need is a discussion around a specific issue.

We are taking the time to celebrate our accomplishments as we turn 40! We want this great state of Minnesota to better understand the strength of our program. Use our birthday facebook page to share your great memories of ECFE with new parents, experienced parents, and the community members who may not even know about ECFE yet. Did you enjoy a favorite activity with your child or have a favorite song? Did you live by a bit of parenting advice you heard in an ECFE discussion? Do you still have strong friendships with the people you met in ECFE when your child was a baby? Do you have a teacher you would like to thank? Our most treasured gift during this birthday year would be parents sharing with each other the difference ECFE has made in their own families.

Happy Birthday ECFE, and many celebrations of all families throughout this year!

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