We are so thankful for you!

This is the time of year we tend to reflect on things we are thankful for. The early childhood staff at Harley Hopkins Family Center feel especially thankful to be working with the families in our classes. Here are some quotes from our teachers about why we love our jobs so much!

  • We get to watch parents enjoy their children. It is such a wonderful feeling to see the deepening bond between parent and child.
  • We are part of creating connections between parents. We see parents support each other, share information, share second-hand items with each other, and learn from each other.
  • We get to celebrate all kinds of things with parents! We get to share in physical and language milestones, we get to celebrate when children feel successful during our separation classes, and we even celebrate things like a parent finally getting 5 hours of sleep at night!
  • We get to learn from our parents. You are really the expert in so many things, and we are constantly learning. We learn about new strategies, new products, and we learn about your child through you.
  • We get to help build the kind of community that supported us during our younger parenting years. Many of us still have friends from the ECFE classes we participated in with our own children.
  • We are so lucky that we have the chance to play with young children every day!
  • We are so lucky to be in a job that makes us feel good about what we are doing. The families in our classes allow us to be in partnership with them on such a tender journey.

Thank you for sharing your families, your joys and your concerns with us. We take the responsibility very seriously, and feel honored that you have chosen the Hopkins Early Childhood Programs for your family.

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