Summer’s Thirst

When the weather heats up, our young children often pick up their own paces and play harder than ever. All of this physical activity is great for the body and mind. Remember that staying hydrated during summer-time play is essential for staying healthy and safe during these hottest months.

Young children will not often say they are thirsty.  When they are busy, they hate to take breaks even for things that are essential. During the course of your day, be sure to schedule in quiet time. These opportunities will give you a chance to ensure your child has a drink of water, healthy snacks and an opportunity for the body to slow down. Be consistent with the way you schedule this down time: be sure it is part of every day, and that it includes the opportunity for a good long gulp of liquid.

Remember that soda pop does not quench thirst in the way that water does. Young children will benefit from developing a taste for water early in their lifetime–rather than a taste for soda.

The Mayo Clinic offers information on the signs and symptoms of dehydration in young children, infants and teens. Some things they have highlighted are:

  • Three hours of no wet diapers in infants
  • Eight hours of no urination in young children
  • Dark yellow or amber urine rather than clear or pale yellow urine
  • Lack of sweating

Keep your summer-time activity healthy and fun–be sure to quench your summer’s thirst early and often to avoid dehydration.

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