Summer Safety Resources

Summer is such an exciting time for families.  Finally a chance to get outside and play!  Parents have become accustomed to the bumps that occur when toddlers or preschoolers tend to play hard.  While these injuries present a setback to play, they are not life threatening.  There are a number of concerns that parents often have around safety, however, that require more information and focused attention. Two of the biggest concerns for Minnesotans tend to be water safety and sun safety.

The website  provides tips on how to prevent injury while playing in water. Supervision–undivided attention– is the most important means of ensuring you are aware of your child’s safety.  In addition, the website offers tips such as:

  • Empty all tubs, buckets and wading pools immediately after use
  • Stay within arms reach of your toddler at all times while playing in the water

Read more about prevention tips for many of the accidents that can happen near the home or during play by visiting

The CDC provides tips for keeping children safe in the sun. We are often so tempted to run out and enjoy the full day, but children need to be protected from too much exposure.  The CDC recommends:

  • Keeping young children inside during the sun’s most intense hours
  • Young children should wear hats and protective clothing while outside

Read more information about keeping kids safe while playing outside by visiting

Enjoy your summer, and let the information you gain from these website help you to remain safe and focused on enjoying the season!