Hopkins Parents Speak: ECFE Makes A Difference For MN Children

All new parents would likely agree that along with the joy and wonder of watching your baby grow, there are a lot of questions! The Hopkins School District (as well as most of the school districts throughout Minnesota) has a way of answering many of those questions: Early Childhood / Family Education (ECFE).

ECFE is a chance for you to gather with parents in your community who have children just your age. You exchange ideas, support, laughter and answers in a relaxed atmosphere. You walk away from a typical class feeling more confident as a parent because you realize that all the other parents had the same questions as you!

The Hopkins early childhood staff are so proud of the programs we provide for families. However, the words of parents just like you are a valuable source of information if you are considering taking a class or joining a program.  For this reason, we wanted to share the most recent 2012 Evaluation Survey Results with you.

Parents watched their children grow academically and socially as a result of being in ECFE classes. Parents felt they gained a deeper understanding of age-appropriate expectations, and within this framework parents could report:

  • Positive changes in the child’s communication abilities
  • Positive changes in the child’s problem solving skills
  • The child enjoyed books and being read to even more after attending ECFE
  • Positive changes in the child’s social skills

One advantage for parents in ECFE classes is the advanced understanding of child development, realistic expectations, and parenting strategies that are effective. Because of the support they received from licensed parent educators as well as the other parents in their classes, parents gained a deeper awareness of:

  • How a child’s temperament affects his behavior
  • How to communicate effectively with a child
  • How to use parenting strategies that meet the age and development of a child

We have summer-time ECFE class opportunities for parents with infants beginning in June. Our Fall ECFE classes are for families with children birth through 5 years.  You can sign up for both summer and fall through our online registration system, or by calling our office at 952-988-5000.

We look forward to seeing you and introducing you to more parents in your community who are thoughtfully engaged in parenting.


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