Free CPR and First Aid Classes

Hands-only CPR and Basic First Aid training can give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to respond in a medical emergency. These classes will be located at the Harley Family Center and will be taught by Hopkins Fire Department staff. The classes are offered at no cost. Registration is required. Limited child care is available with pre-registration for $5 / session per child.

Basic First Aid,           May 2nd      10:00-11:00am     Harley Family Center
Content of this class includes what to expect and what actions to take for first responders.  You will learn what to do for cuts, bruises, minor lacerations, falls, contusions, and broken bones.  Also, learn what to do if someone is having trouble breathing, having a seizure, or needing to place a 911 call.  Offered at no cost; registration is required.  Limited child care is available at $5.00/child.

Hands-only CPR         May 9th      10:00-11:00am     Harley Family Center
You will learn what to do in a variety of emergency situations, including choking and breathing.  It will include AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) training for an emergency situation in which a heart stops beating.  Class content is applicable for infants through adult ages.  Limited child care available at 5:00/child.

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