A Minnesota Opportunity—Early Childhood Screening

Minnesota has some of the best opportunities for parents of young children!  We offer parenting education to every family of young children. We provide indoor entertainment during the cold months of the year so that parents and caregivers have a cure for cabin fever. In addition, we partner with parents early to address questions or issues around kindergarten readiness.

When your child is between the ages of three and five years old, you are asked to come in to Harley Hopkins Family Center for your child’s early childhood screening. During this meeting we take the time to talk with you about how your child is developing and learning. We will have a conversation with you about how your child is communicating, and about her social experiences. This is not a doctor’s appointment, but we do check height, weight, vision and hearing to get an understanding of how she is growing.

Our nurse ensures that the screening process is friendly and pleasant for parent and child. Many of the activities your child is asked to do seem like games. You are present with your child during the whole screening process, and your input is essential in helping the schools gain a better understanding of your child. This screening is a great way to start the conversation around what you as a parent can do to help your child be ready for kindergarten, and what the school can do to provide your child with extra support if there is a need. Screening at age three is highly recommended.

Because this screening is required of every child who will be entering kindergarten, the appointments tend to fill up quickly.  Ensure that you can get your first choice time slot by calling our office at 952-988-5017, or registering online at HopkinsSchools.org/screen.

Taking part in the Hopkins Early Childhood Screening with our nurse will help to get your child off to the most successful start in kindergarten — another great Minnesota opportunity!

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