Webinar Opportunities

Parents in the early childhood programs at Harley Family Center have many opportunities to learn about family and child development. The staff at Hopkins pride ourselves on our research based information, and our passion for answering questions and furthering discussion with parents. For this reason, when we find a resource that also works professionally toward providing quality information, we are excited to share it.

Working Family Resource Center (WFRC) offers a wide variety of free webinars for parents who are often on the go. These hour long presentations can be experienced from your computer wherever you happen to be–and often the webinar is over the lunch hour, so you can listen to it at the time most convenient to you. The topics cover a great many issues parents have been wondering about just recently.

The next webinar that WFRC is offering is around young children and technology on November 14.  As the year progresses, there are presentations scheduled that discuss the importance of sleep for young children, social-emotional growth and how to encourage it, and a father’s important role in his child’s healthy social development.

Often a webinar presentation will provide parents with a good starting place for exploring a topic. The staff at Harley Family Center is eager to continue the conversation with you and the rest of the parents in your community!

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