Looking for Trustworthy Information?

The staff at Harley Family Center understands that the fountains of information that flow from the internet can be both helpful and overwhelming.  There is advice to follow from every sort of expert. Some of the information we are comfortable bringing into our family routine, and some of the information is simply not a good fit for us.

The question, of course, is how to wade through that advice and decide what is the most trustworthy and what fits best for you. ECFE classes are a great option for discussing different topics and getting research based information as well as parent support for the decisions we make. When you are interested in looking further into a topic, the staff always has helpful links to share.

One of the trusted resources we share with families, which is supported by the Minnesota Department of Education, is Minnesota Parents Know. This web site provides information for families with children who are newborn all the way through seniors in high school! It is a one-stop-shop for all things parenting.  It provides access to concise information on a specific topic, archived and live webinars covering the issues most important to you and your child during different time periods, and podcasts from the dynamic duo who produce “Mom Enough”–a mother / daughter team who also happen to be a developmental psychologist and a maternal health specialist!

All this at the touch of a computer keyboard, always available when you need it.  Explore what this web site has to offer, and feel confident that the information is trustworthy.

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