Resources You Can Trust

When we are looking for answers to our parenting questions, we want to know that the information we are being provided is trust-worthy.  The Hopkins Early Childhood Staff takes great pride in being able to offer their knowledge through this web site.  Parents can use the blog to find answers to parenting issues as well as a source for updates on community events and school related activities. The early childhood staff knows that parents have access to a lot of information through the web, and we want to be sure that we are providing you with research-based, parent friendly, solid information.  To this end, here are a few more sites that offer parenting information which has been equally evaluated for quality. It just so happens that all three of us–Hopkins Early Childhood Education, the Early Learning Digest, and the Tufts Child and Family WebGuide–have been made possible through the partial funding of the MN Department of Education!

The Minnesota Department of Education and the Working Family Resource Center (WFRC) have partnered to provide research-based information about the development of children from birth through age five in the Early Learning Digest . The publication provides a snapshot of information about parenting and child-rearing in a concise way that parents will appreciate. In addition, there are options within the e-newsletter to link to further information if you are interested in learning more about a topic.This collaboration is possible through two innovative initiatives of the Minnesota Department of Education: MN Parents Know and Help Me Grow. The mission of the WFRC is as follows: Working Family Resource Center delivers high quality family and wellness education to employees where they work, in order to strengthen individuals, families and communities.

The Tufts Child and Family WebGuide provides parents with answers to their specific questions. Since it’s inception in September 2001 it has systematically reviewed and evaluated articles and web-based information to ensure that what is offered through their directory is supported with a foundation of quality research. The statement of purpose for this project is as follows: The Child & Family WebGuide provides approved links to websites and videos on topics of interest to parents, and it is also by students and professionals in the fields of child development, education, and psychology. All the sites and videos listed on the WebGuide have been systematically evaluated by graduate students. In order to ensure reliability, the evaluation system includes criteria such as the inclusion of citations in peer-reviewed journals.

FInding information on the web is not hard to do–it is wonderfully easy to get access to an almost infinite amount of information. The sites above are certainly not an exhaustive list, but they offer a strong place to start when you are looking for research-based answers about how to best help your children grow.

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