A Glimpse Into Hopkins ECFE Classes

There are so many moments in ECFE classes when parents and teachers alike wish that they had a camera.  When the eyes of two infants meet for the first time and there is a huge smile between them. When all the one-year-olds sit down for snack for the first time. When the two-year-olds shout with wild joyful abandon on the jumper in the motor room or when the children in the older classrooms show they know how to cooperate and play together by creating a game of house which includes half the class. These moments show us growth and remind us all of the learning that our children are constantly experiencing in ECFE classes.  They are also such cute moments to capture!

The staff at Harley Hopkins Family Center think it would be fun to share these moments with the wider school community.  Parents have agreed to share their captured moments, and we have decided to publish them to help you gain insight into the many engaging activities that are happening in the classes.  We also just can’t resist the bright smiles of the students while they are playing and learning!

The photos here are from the older ECFE classes, ages 3 through 5 years old (five year olds who are not yet in kindergarten are welcome in ECFE classes). All of our early childhood programs strive to create a classroom environment where children can feel comfortable and connected with their parents as well as with staff. The teachers encourage students to take a leading role in their own play and exploration. When this happens, children feel a sense of success and accomplishment in tasks. We do this by maintaining a balance between familiar projects and toys and introducing new concepts and opportunities to explore.

The ECFE classroom and curriculum help children to build an appreciation for books, music and artistic expression. The activities and opportunities for creative play help children develop problem solving skills and think creatively about the world around them. The staff work intimately with the students to build emotional, social and academic skills. Last but definitely not least, the parent and child playtime during class is a chance to slow down and pay attention to each other–remember that your child loves having focused time with you to “just play”.

Our ECFE classes resume in September, and we look forward to seeing you there. If you have questions about which classes would best suit your family review the listings online, or contact Kathryn Moore at 952-988-5046.

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