A Trusted Resource–Early Learning Digest

The Minnesota Department of Education and the Working Family Resource Center (WFRC) have partnered to provide research-based information about the development of children from birth through age five. This collaboration is possible through two innovative initiatives of the Dept. of Ed.: MN Parents Know and Help Me Grow.

The mission of the WFRC is as follows: Working Family Resource Center delivers high quality family and wellness education to employees where they work, in order to strengthen individuals, families and communities.  The Hopkins Family Center is sending this e-newsletter to you, because we believe that trusted resources for parents benefit our whole community.

The Early Learning Digest is a resource you can trust. The publication provides a snapshot of information about parenting and child-rearing in a concise way that parents will appreciate. In addition, there are options within the e-newsletter to link to further information if you are interested in learning more about a topic. This month’s edition of Early Learning Digest includes information on ECFE. In addition, Tufts University is providing a link to other well-researched web sites which provide child development information.

Knowing where to go to look for information on the web can limit the amount of time involved in getting answers. In addition, knowing that a site is trustworthy helps parents rest assured that the information they are gathering will be helpful to their children, and their families. Enjoy this month’s publication of Early Learning Digest, and be sure to check in on the other resources that  WFRC provides.

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