A Trusted Resource–At Your Fingertips!

Although we all agree parenting is our most important task, we also agree that it is mixed in and around the thousands of other things we do in a day.  We work, we cook, we clean, we launder, we do endless errands, and we do it all in the spirit of providing a safe, secure and supportive household for our children. We want to do what is best for our children, and we wish we could learn about how to do that as quickly as we can–because our kids grow up so fast. Before we know it, our kids will be running out the door with the car keys in their hand, and we will hope that all we did for them throughout these childhood years was enough to help them stay strong as they make their way through the world on their own.

The Early Childhood staff at Hopkins are dedicated to helping parents find the information they need at the time that is most convenient for your family.  We offer classes at a variety of times, we offer one-to-one visits for parents under one year of age, we offer evening seminars and story-time dinners to help families meet and greet others in their community who are living through the same parenting issues.  We are also invested in sharing resources that are trustworthy as well as convenient for parents looking to find information on the web. The Early Learning Digest is one of those resources.

The Minnesota Department of Education and the Working Family Resource Center have partnered to provide research-based information about the development of children from birth through age five. This collaboration is possible through two innovative initiatives of the Dept. of Ed.: MN Parents Know and Help Me Grow.

The Early Learning Digest provides a snapshot of information about parenting and child-rearing in a concise way that parents will appreciate. In addition, there are options within the e-newsletter to link to more information if you are interested in learning more about a topic.

Early Learning Digest is a resource you can trust. Click on this link to learn more about this informative newsletter, and to subscribe to its bi-monthly publication:


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