Why Do Kids Act That Way?

This workshop is for parents with children ages 4-12

Tuesday, Jan. 25, 6:30-8:00 pm

Eisenhower Community Center, 1001 Hwy 7, Hopkins

Is it difficult to make sense of your child’s bad behavior when it clearly gets them in trouble? Are you tired of fighting? Children have reasons for  behaving the way they do. Uncover the reasons to help them take responsibility for their own behavior. Learn how to identify what is causing negative behavior and get effective strategies to increase positive behavior.

Cost: $10/adult, $15 household

To register call 952-988-5000 or go to http://www.HopkinsCommunityEd.org.

Registration for winter-spring ECFE classes being accepted now

Registrations are currently being accepted for Hopkins Public Schools’ winter-spring Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) classes. Classes are available to young children from birth through pre-kindergarten age and their parents. You can register online at http://hopkinscommunityed.org or by calling 952-988-5000.

Ready, Set……Register!

The month of December is a time of whirlwind. It seems that our children have a distinct energy, the sweets and treats seem to appear endlessly, and our to-do list is never so long as it is this month. With the catalogs and cards and packages and deliveries arriving by mail in abundance it might be easy to miss the new Hopkins Early Childhood Catalog which should have already arrived at your door via your friendly letter carrier.

However, as sure as December seems full and active and exhausting, January will be dark and cold and quiet. So page through our catalog and see what is being offered for those months when cabin fever tends to create a whole new kind of energy in our children!

There are a variety of programs at a variety of times to accommodate the diverse needs of our families. Our winter / spring opportunities include:

•  Saturday Open Gyms
•  Monday evening classes
•  Tuesday late afternoon classes
•  Evening seminars
•  Stay and Play Classes
•  Kindergarten Bridge
•  Storytime and Dinner Evenings

This is in addition to the many ECFE and preschool classes offered during the day for children aged birth through 5.

In order to best understand the value of our early childhood programing, it is enlightening to hear from parents who are currently involved. Here is what parents are saying about the classes they are taking right now:

“It provides an enriching, fun, welcoming outing for baby and me each week.”
“I have greatly appreciated creating a network of fellow new-parents who are now great friends.”
“I have enjoyed my interaction with the other parents and the discussion of various issues we are facing.”
“It has given my daughter a very positive first school experience.”
“It’s nice to have ‘adult’ time to learn different coping / teaching techniques. And I love watching my son play and playing with him.”
“Great support network.”
“My son loves the variety of different toys to play with.”
“I am a completely different (and better) parent than I would have been without ECFE.”
“My son loves to get to go to school like his big brother.”
“My son shares and learns to get along with other kids and it is a moment he enjoys a lot.”
“It has been very useful for my son because he has learned different skills in many areas. My son has become more sociable with these classes.”
“It helps me to understand my son’s behavior and be able to help him to express his feelings.”
“It’s a great program for parents to share and gather information about this thing called parenting!”

Groups of parents and children are having a great time–and learning a lot– in our early childhood classes. We invite you to sign up for a class and discover for yourself what your neighbors have already found out–Hopkins Early Childhood Education is a valuable experience for all!

Harley office staff will be happy to take paper registrations (walked in or faxed) on December 13 and 14.  Staff is available to answer questions and help you find the best class for your family through December 17th (phone number: 952-988-5000).  Online registration for ECFE classes begins on December 17th, although the school itself will be closed for the winter break over the last two weeks of December. Doors to the office will open again January 3rd.

New Play Area at Hopkins Library

“Just as the city of Hopkins has its Main Street, now young children at the Hopkins library have their own Main Street, where they can explore a firetruck and bulldozer, “plant” a garden, visit a farmer’s market, explore a park, have a picnic, and enjoy other fun activities that develop pre-reading skills” says librarian Lisa Bjerken.  It’s a great interactive space that provides many opportunities for children and adults to explore and discover together.  Consider making this one of your next stops with your child.  Before you go, check out their website at www.hclib.org for updates.