Ask for help – is it even possible?

The one thing I know as a parent of three and a Parent Educator for 30 years (this fall!) is that raising children is just too big to do alone! When something goes wrong with one, I still have the other two needing me. I’ve learned to ask for help, but that is not always easy. I was taught to not impose yourself on others. Sometimes I’m even reluctant to ask my husband because we both see my job as the “family relationship manager.’ ( What’s up with that?) The more things pile up the more I am forced to realize that I need help and it’s OK to ask. What’s it like for you? Is asking for help difficult for you, too?

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  1. How true. Of the many things I’ve learned in my years of ECFE, this has been so true, and so helpful. There is no safer environment to be honest and admit you need help, and besides assistance, you’ll usually get some laughs and realize you are far from alone. It’s never easy to ask, but if you just think about how good you feel when you can help someone else, go for it & ask!

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